Alternative Netflix service offers uplifting content based on faith

Netflix has been heavily criticized this last year, but it has also been applauded by another group for their support of the ideologies of right wing. James Alford, founder of Righteousness Ministries International in Arietta, Georgia, catalogs this empire company for all the inappropriate content it produces, so he decided to form his own streaming company called Saltflix.

Saltflix offers alternative faith-based entertainment and their plan has worked as the movies available on the platform have been hugely successful, says Alford.

He also expressed that there are many children and families who can see his Christian films without any problems, since this content is very trustworthy for the people of God. He reiterated that when you go there you will not be afraid to listen or see because everything that is transmitted is pure trust and healthy at the same time so much that people leave transformed and full of peace.

James also said that during 2021 beyond, they want the Saltflix platform to become the alternative for all the people who already have Netflix or Amazon and said “I want people to be able to go to [our platform], that people can go to find very good quality Christian content. There are not that many Christian filmmakers, but they are incredible”.

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