God is not dead 4 begins filming on January 2021

David AR White, producer of the film series “God is not dead” has announced through his Instagram account the part 4 of said series: “God’s Not Dead: We the People”..

White’s early films were a resounding success, even surpassing secular productions. But the greatest success of these films has been to defend the existence of God even though many want to deny it.

Through his Instagram post, the famous director said that God is not dead 4 will begin filming in Oklahoma on January 2021. He also said that this time the film will be inspired by a Frank Capra classic titled Mr. Smith goes to Washington, which is about a man named Jimmy who is appointed to the Senate and ends up having problems for acting correctly .

Some media already speculate that the drama will have to do with a politician who fights against abortion, homosexuality, among other issues. Honestly, it would be very helpful if the film deals with these complicated issues that increasingly want to become more normal in our society.

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