Lauren Daigle excluded from event for “putting lives in danger”

The famous Christian singer Lauren Daigle has been excluded from an event in New Orleans at the request of the mayor, allegedly because “she has put lives in danger”, for the reason that she participated in a march that asked that the churches in the city be allowed to pray in the temple.

Mayor LaToya Cantrell wrote a letter to the president of the event asking him to exclude Daigle for the reasons already expressed, saying this is an attack on all the city’s efforts to curb the COVID-19 pandemic.

The event in which the artist participated is Let Us Worship, organized by Sean Feutch, who are known for holding religious events with musicals, where they protest for religious freedom in the middle of the pandemic.

It should be noted that there are states that have been very tough in relation to the church and the pandemic, many times even depriving us of the right we have to worship God, and ridiculously it has been said that the church does not contribute anything to be open, but a bar and a disco yes.

Another important point on the subject is that according to sources the artist did not know that the event was “illegal”, since she was passing by on a bicycle and when she saw the police presence she thought it was legal. At that moment, she was invited to participate in the worship service and she agreed.

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