Boxer leaves the gloves for God

How many things have you had to leave behind because of the Lord’s calling? We always renounce something when God calls us, obviously we renounce sin, our old way of life etc. But there is a special calling in those who leave everything to follow Christ.

In the Bible we have multiple examples of this, such as the servants of Elijah and Elisha, or the 12 disciples who left their old offices to follow Jesus. This does not mean that you have to leave your job to serve God, that is why I say, in some people there is a more than special call.

This is the case today of a former boxer who decided to give up his weekly fights after seriously injuring an opponent, for which he had to go to court and was about to face 8 years in prison.

The former boxer narrates that before proceeding in court, he asked God for a second chance, and in response to that prayer the court released him. Today, the former boxer is dedicated to preaching his faith in different parts of the world.

It is a blessing to see how God has the power to do what He wants with a person’s life, to transform them and make them completely new.

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