Kanye West wants to launch a “Christian TikTok”

After the famous artist Kenye West saw some videos of TikTok with his daughter and called them “unsuitable for children”, the artist and businessman had the idea of creating a Christian TikTok, a “JesusTok”, and what happens is that Today there are no limitations in the world of the Internet, since even what is seen as cute includes things that can distort the thoughts of the weakest.
Bex Lewis, a digital marketer said that there is always a person who wants to do a Christian version of something, he also said that he doesn’t think these things really work. This is true, and we could put as an example those secular songs that are made a “Christian version”, and at the end of the day the world says that we are not original. So, be very careful with this.

Another important point is that doing something like this is like separating ourselves from the world and being on an ark by ourselves, but who will we preach to? To what darkness will we give our light? We are not supposed to go to a place where the world is not, but stay in the field of darkness and shine on them with the radiance of the Lord’s light. Let’s remember well that Jesus said that we are the light of this earth and that if we put a lamp under the table, then it will not shine on anyone.

The same has already happened with YouTube, when they tried to separate us with a GodTube, did it work? Not!.

So Kanye’s proposal may be very honest and eager to change things, I think yes, these platforms are full of disgusting content.

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