Terry Crews attacked for defending Chris Pratt

The topic about the hatred that many have shown towards Chris Pratt for his Christian beliefs has become a novel in recent days, and that leads us to reflect that we live in a world in which if you do not think as a certain group, then you are a person who is full of much hatred.

Various actors have come to Chris Pratt’s defense, including actors from the hit movie The Avengers. Also the famous actor Terry Crews, who played the series “Everybody Hates Chris”, joined to the defense of Chris Pratt and this has led him to be one more victim in social networks by the militants of the left.¬†Terry posted:

Terry Crews es atacado por defender a Chris Pratt

Social networks will always be full of intolerant people, of people who understand that only their opinion is what counts, and if you do not think like them, then you are a terrible person.

We are happy to see all the influential people who have come out in defense of the actor. But at the same time we also know that Chris has taken a path that will not be accepted by everyone and less by those on the left, who have all kinds of ideas that are pure liberalism.

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