Avengers actor Chris Pratt canceled for being a Christian

Chris Pratt has been the subject of news in the Christian world for some time now, following his statements about God. This time it is about the famous actor of the success of the cinema and of the saga “The Avengers”, which has been “canceled” by political activists on social networks and all due to the faith expressed by the actor.

This led to actors Robert Downey Jr and Mark Rufallo coming to Christ’s defense.

All this came after a post from producer Amy Berg, who posted a photo on Twitter, featuring actors Chris Evans (Captain America), Chris Hemsworth (Thor) and Christ Pratt.

In this publication, the famous producer asked her followers which of them they would eliminate: “One must go”. You know, there are a lot of memes out there with the same question. But people took this seriously enough, thus choosing actor Chris and the excuse of the followers is that he professes Christian faith, his conservative political position and possibly his support for Donald Trump.

All this revolves around Pratt not supporting the LGBT group, as one user posted:

His views are terrible and he supports anti-LGBT activist churches. Easy [choice].

As we have already said, Chris has expressed the Christian faith and every opportunity he has had has turned him into giving a message of peace about Christ.

It is normal for such a famous person to be accused by groups like these that do not tolerate the beliefs of others, because if you do not believe the same as them, you end up being their enemy. So, let’s pray for Chris, so God may give him strength on this narrow Gospel path.

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  1. CHRIS PRATT do not be discouraged. Remember this Jesus says a greater door and an effectual door awaits you. God has a better door awaiting you that will surprise you. Let God know your situation in prayer, you will see as ll those who rejected you will come bowing down to you in apology. God has a better thing for you. Remember Tyler Perry and Kanye west. And draw strength from their testimony. Don’t please man but your conscience towards your God who is the giver of all Good and perfect gifts. Remember Roman’s 8:28 and hold on to that key in your walk with God. God bless I am praying for you

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