Kanye West to Launch College for Christian Singers

Through an appearance on “The Joe Rogan Experience,” controversial artist Kanye West announced that he is launching a college for Christian singers.

Kanye was talking for about 3 hours about his relationship with God and about music. He also spoke about contentious issues such as abortion, racism, and how he wants to lead a free world.

The artist stated:

The songs that we are doing in the Sunday service are basically my hymn book for the future gospel college that I am creating.

He also spoke about making a circular stadium with 200,000 seats and with about 100,000 Christian music singers.

Just as the Bible sometimes compares our pilgrimage to that of an athlete, West also did so by saying the following:

People will go to this university and train like a Russian Olympic swimmer does. Imagine being in the pool, six days a week, at least, if not seven days.

The singer also set an example of what his students would sing:

Glory, glory / Lord God Almighty / we raise our hands in praise

And finally, he spoke about the impact that this project could cause:

Imagine 100,000 people in unison and that feeling and what that would do for our spirits, our souls. It is curative.

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