A story of family, friendship and forgiveness in the Christian movie “When we last spoke”

Are you one of those who protests against social decomposition? Every day we see how film productions instead of recognizing values increasingly show immorality as if it were good. We have good news for you, and is that there are also many good productions and that there are a few that will be available soon and you should give your support.

When we last spoke is a moving story that deals with family, friendship and forgiveness. Messages like these are what our generation should see on the big screen, something that teaches us to be more human.

It will be screened in theaters on October 27 and 29 of the current year as announced by Reelworks and Fathom. This one is inspired by Marci Henna’s novel, following a lovable and crazy family of sisters Juliet and Evangeline.

The sypnosis tells us the following:

When We Last Spoke’ gives viewers an insight into the beauty of the Cranbournes as they journey through the ups and downs of their unexpected situation. Life for Juliet and Evangeline changes quickly after their father James departs to fight in the Vietnam War and their mother, who feels ill-equipped to raise two daughters alone, leaves them with their grandparents, Walt and Ruby, to pursue her own singing career. Together, the family learns how to overcome heartbreak and uncertainty by holding tight to the most important aspects of life — family, friends, love and forgiveness.

Novelist Marci Henna also gratified the producers saying that without the exceptional talent and vision of Rick Eldridge and Fred Miller the film would not be possible.

So, we can wait for this great production.

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