Argentine Christian film “The Kingdom” retakes its recordings

Today’s world has been dramatically changed after this pandemic and that has led to cinemas closing and stopping or delaying film productions and other types of shows. But, we are already beginning to understand that simply God is the only one who knows when this is going to end, and we must resume our lives with due care.

Given the long time of impact that this virus has had, the authorities are already allowing the recording sets to resume their work and that is why since last Monday in August, the team of the Argentine film “El Reino” has resumed their recordings with due care and security protocols.

Part of the cast of this film is made up of: Chino Darín, Joaquín Furriel, Mercedes Morán, among others.

This film is about the life of a pastor named Emilio Vázquez who leads a political life and decides to participate in the vice presidency of his nation. But, on the way he will see different difficulties, since his partner, who is a candidate for the presidency, is assassinated during the political campaign.

This mysterious murder of the presidential candidate will cause Emilio to have to assume the commitment of the presidency, while an investigation is opened to find out who was the cause of the death of the presidential candidate.

There is still no release date for the film, but the truth is that it will take longer than planned due to delays due to the pandemic.

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