Robert Green presented his first self-help book

Robert Green, vocalist of the group Barak, presented the Saturday, September 12, in the Dominican Republic his first self-help book “God has a purpose with you”.

Robert Green is nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards with his production “Generación sedienta”, and also for the Dove Awards 2020 for best Christian album with his production “Shekinah”.

The presentation of Robert Green’s book began at 10:30 AM and was broadcasted from the auditorium of the Tabernacle of Adoration church, which is located on San Vicente de Paúl Avenue, in Santo Domingo Este. Said transmission was attended by Robert Green, Marcos Yaroide and Raymond Pozo.

The event was available on Robert Green’s social networks (Instagram, Faebook) and his website

The process of writing the book lasted two years. According to Robert Green, his book deals with the vicissitudes he faced before and after the scenarios, and teaches the importance of a life of prayer and search for the Creator to discover the reasons and why we were created, as well as God’s desire in fulfill His plan in the life of each person giving gifts, identity and a great destiny:

Finding our purpose in life is one of the most difficult tasks to achieve if we intend to do it alone, it is not achieved overnight to discover why and for what we are on earth and are still alive.

The digital version of the book will be on “Amazon Kindle”, “iBook”, among others, and the physical version will be on Amazon and in the main bookstores in Latin America and the United States.

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