Netflix loses 2.5 million subscribers due to controversial movie

Netflix is the world’s largest payment platform for movies and series. So, this platform is a great influence, and many times it has received the public’s anger for one or other offensive publications, thus leading them to lose subscribers to its service.

The controversial Netflix movie that is leading many users to cancel their subscription is called “Cuties” or “Guapis” in Spanish. The description for it reads: “Amy is eleven and wants to join a group of girls her age who dance in competitions, so she starts challenging her conservative family.”

Those who have seen the film say that pedophiles may use it in an inappropriate way, as girls are depicted dancing sexually, there is even a scene where a girl makes her way to a man.

The fact is that Netflix was expected to obtain 500 thousand new registered users in the quarter, but on the contrary, the controversy of this film caused some 2.5 million users to cancel their subscription from the platform.

Without a doubt, this film is a bad thing, since we are talking about “girls” with sensual dances, in a world where “pedophilia” advances, where there is a lot of mental and sexual disorder and it is a shame that such a large platform has not taken this into consideration before posting this.

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