This Christian movie shows the church from the point of view of a skeptic

Christian films are usually told from the perspective of believers, but one filmmaker thought that it would be interesting to show what happens in churches through the eyes of a skeptic who joins a small group.

The film we are talking about in this article is titled “Small Group” and is within the framework of films of faith. It is also a comedy-type film and according to its description:

R. Scott Cooper is hired to make a film about the waning influence of Christianity. But to his surprise, the producer asks Scott to secretly infiltrate a small group and make a cheap hit piece. Having already moved his family to Athens, Georgia, he is forced to move on, but discovers much more than he set out to do.

Small Group will be available to buy or rent on October 6 on Amazon, iTunes, Vudu, Redbox, GooglePlay, Christian Cinema, and in DVD format on Amazon and other large online platforms.

The director of this film has based it on his own experience in a church with a small group:

In 2014, my wife and I joined a small group at our church. The whole experience felt so much more real, genuine, and interactive than other church experiences I’ve had.

It was at the beginning, maybe in the second meeting, that I got the idea: this is a story to be told! Someone should make a movie called ‘Small Group’! Being too dumb to know what undertaking it would take to get it right, I decided to write a script and make a movie.

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