Nurse comforts COVID-19 patients by playing her violin

A few months have passed from this situation that has come suddenly, a situation that none of us expected. Sure, we know that the Bible talks about pests or diseases, but no one was prepared for this sudden and destructive illness.

Already more than half a million people have died from this deadly virus worldwide. While others fight for their lives in different hospitals, some are victorious but others simply say goodbye. It is a devastating situation where a lot of faith and patience are needed.

And speaking of faith and patience, these days you need people who especially transmit these elements, essentially doctors and nurses. It is for this reason that a nurse named Damaris Silva strolls down the hallway of a hospital playing the violin to spread encouragement among patients.

While playing the violin, the nurse also uses her voice to convey hope to patients through Christian songs.

Damaris expressed that many of those people who have been hospitalized have written to her giving thanks for those songs, since at that time they were comforted in the midst of that terrible battle.

But Damaris not only comforts patients, but those health superheroes, who fight day by day for patients to survive.

A patient that had an accident testified that he began to wake up from the coma upon hearing Damaris playing the violin.

Let us hope that people who have talents from the Lord continue transmitting that peace that passes all understanding, and that at this crucial moment in life many people need.

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