Greenleaf: A Netflix series that aims to damage the image of Christian pastors

Brazilian pastor Lucinho Barreto, who belongs to the Crazy for Jesus ministry, criticized the Netflix series Greenleaf for showing a family of pastors who commit adultery among other sins and for using the church to enrich themselves excessively.

Lucinho Barreto highlighted that in Greenleaf all the characters, including the pastor’s children, church members, high-ranking people, the pastor and his wife, committed adultery and all stole, and this they do throughout the series. Lucinho went on to say:

It is a demonization of the men and women of God and it is a very subtle work to show that the church is nothing more than a place to take people’s money.

Lucinho advised that when you go to see series, understand that many companies that produce such series are progressive and anti-conservative. Pastor Lucinho said that he criticizes himself when blacks and motoboys are discriminated against, but when a series like Greenleaf misrepresents the image of God’s children, this does not happen.

Pastor Lucinho Barreto defended the shepherds saying that those who live in wealth as shown in the series are very few and gave as an example his city Belo Horizonte, where he says that there are approximately 15 thousand shepherds and he only knows 10 who have money, but they do not have as much as the money reflected in the series.

I think that more pastors and leaders should raise their voices against these types of productions that seek no more than to tarnish the image of those who serve the Lord.

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