Increase in Netflix cancellations due to controversial movie “Cuties”

According to Variety magazine, the cancellation rate for Netflix accounts has increased eightfold, and the cause of this increase is due to the inclusion of the movie “Cuties” in the Netflix catalog.

“Cuties” has caused much controversy for the alleged sexualization of 11-year-old girls through their dances. Many say that the elements of this movie are very close to child pornography.

According to data from YipitData obtained by the magazine, Netflix had eight times more cancellations in September than the average number of cancellations per day in August.

The controversy over this film is so great that Republican lawmakers asked the Justice Department to investigate Netflix for distribution of child pornography. The Department of Justice has been urged to check whether Netflix, its executives or the people involved in the filming and production of “Cuties” have violated any federal laws against the production and distribution of child pornography.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz said the movie “Cuties” can be used in a perverted way by pedophiles. Netflix apologized for an advertisement for “Cuties” where girls posed and dressed sensually. The publicity was changed, but the movie continues on the platform.

There is a petition to remove “Cuties” from Netflix and it already has more than 715 thousand signatures.

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