Production company launches studio to make faith films

We have already highlighted in other articles how Christian cinema is progressing more and more, to the point of being above secular films in cinemas. And we give glory to God, because in the middle of an era where entertainment shows us so many unpleasant things, it is good that there is also light.

Today we have very good news, and it is a film production company called “Called Higher Studios”, who wants to produce films based on the Gospel of Christ.

Furthermore, these films would be based on the faith of the fans. Regarding this, producers say their goal is to give creators a voice “through a lens of faith”. She also stressed that they are not simply a production studio but a “production community”.

They also highlighted the fact that in the midst of the uncertainty in which we are overwhelmed with this pandemic, it is a good option to share the Gospel since in this way we give peace and light to people.

And in an incredible way, Called Higher Studios has already announced its first project, which will be called “The Grace of Christ”, a film that will be based on the crucifixion of Jesus. It has been written by Brian Baugh. It will begin to be produced in the year 2021.

Let’s hope this project be a blessing for many lives and that its scripts are based on the Bible and on a pure and sincere faith.

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