Kim Kardashian and Kanye West travel to the Dominican Republic to save their marriage

Kanye West, renowned American rapper and husband of Kim Kardashian, who for some time shared his testimony of now believing in Jesus Christ and being a devout Christian; some reports say that the couple has traveled to the Dominican Republic in order to save their marriage.

According to this same source, the artist has been struggling with the issue of separation from his wife, Kim, and given the circumstances, she asked him to take a private moment on the Caribbean island, looking at their marriage as a priority.

Kim is said to be unhappy with the situation of her husband, who struggles with bipolar events and more with his nomination as President of the United States. But Kim, who says not to think clearly right now, wants to save her marriage because of the issue of their children.

Now, regarding the separation, a source says that one of her daughters is willing to stay with her father, a case that has surprised Kim a lot. According to the report:

North knows that mommy and daddy are going through things and shocked Kim by proclaiming [she wants to go live with her dad]

There is no more news at the moment of what the couple has been. But, it is good for them to understand that marriage is for life and that if God is the center, it can last.

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