Bruna Karla releases her first song in Spanish

Bruna Karla is one of the most important Christian voices in Brazil. She has a 19-year musical career and has obtained four Latin Grammy nominations. You can already hear her sing in Spanish with her first song in that language, Aleluya, with Arthur Callazans.

Bruna Karla’s first song in Spanish was released with MK Music. The producer and arranger was Leandro Simões. The lyrics of Aleluya in Spanish were composed by Raquel Malafaia and Flávio Serafa. The adaptation to Spanish came from the hand of Arthur Callazans, who also supervised Bruna Karla’s linguistics in the placement of voices.

Hallelujah is only the first song in a Spanish production by Bruna Karla. The Spanish production of Bruna Karla will be launched little by little over the next few months. This production in Spanish will include two other unreleased songs and three hits by Bruna Karla, six in total.


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