Kanye West “walks on water” and receives a shower of criticism

Oh the church, a place where Jesus Himself said that we should let everyone come, and it is exactly that everyone is coming, and I mean all kinds of people, and when all kinds of people enter the church it is impossible not to see strange things happen and more when it comes to a celebrity.

In October 2019, the news broke that Kanye West had been converted to the gospel for months, and with the short time he had been converted to Christianity, he began gathering people in Sunday services to hear him preach. In July 2020, he announced his candidacy for the United States of America.

Recently the famous American rapper performed a ceremony on a lake, where he put a platform to “walk on the water” simulating Jesus, while crossing with the church choir and his children.

Many have seen this as a mockery and a display of having a God complex. They also consider that it is overstepping, since there is no need to perform such an act, in addition, they also wonder if he has told the real story of this to his children.

The renowned wife of the artist shared all these videos through her Twitter account:


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