W1nk0 creates electronic music from the perspective of faith

No matter how many years go by, “musical rhythms” will always remain a constant theme in the religious sphere, in the sense that for some people certain songs with certain rhythms are disrespectful or mundane and for another group simply music is music. What do you think?

Electronic music is known for its influence in nightclubs, where there is mostly youths who uses certain prohibited substances and that undoubtedly harm our health. But have you ever thought about electronic Christian music? Well, two young Christians thought about this, to carry the message of salvation through said music.

They call themselves the W1k0 group, and they say they use this genre for the glory of God. Its members go by the names Pedro and Juan Quinelli, both musicians from an early age.

They, through an interview, made it clear that this type of music must be redeemed, that it must be used for the glory of God and not simply for the pleasure of the flesh.

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