Christian movie “When the sun sets” premieres on Netflix

In case you didn’t know, this is the first time that a Brazilian Christian film has been released on the Netflix platform. This movie had already been released in April on the digital platforms Apple TV, Google Play, Vivo Play, Now and YouTube Films, and was ultimately added to the Netflix catalog since July 22.

This film is directed by Fábio Faria. It is of national production and recorded in Santa Catarina by Red Films. This production stars: Priscilla Alcântara, Lu Alone, Filipe Lancaster, Lito Atalaia, Gabriel Barreto, Samuel Araújo and Dany Grace.

“When the sun sets” is a film full of values, which strengthens the idea of company, show of friendship, love, faith and forgiveness. It is a drama for the whole family.

What is this production about? It is about a band made up of friends who want to expand their musical career and decide to participate in a musical event at the university where they study. But, a few days before the presentation something unexpected happens, and it is the reasonless departure of a vocalist of the band, so they are forced to rethink the fate of the group, since their desire is to change the world to through music.

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