2 Hearts: A love story accompanied by a miracle

At times like these we also need that kind of content that teaches us that in times of difficulty there are answers and that in those times everything works for the good for those who love the Lord.

2 Hearts is about the true story of two couples who, thanks to a journey and their difficulties, were able to understand the miracle of love and the purpose that saved their lives.

Leslie Bacardi said:

We wanted to share our story about the amazing, miraculous way life can unfold, even in the toughest of circumstances, which seems so appropriate for these times.

In a world as hostile as the one we live in, we need messages that impact the minds of the greatest number of people. Of course, there is no message that impacts more than the gospel, but our society also needs those messages that also have to do with the gospel, “love your neighbor”, etc.

This film will be in theaters on October 16, and it has been inspired by the lives of the couple Jorge and Leslie Bacardi. It was written by Robin Russin and Veronica Hool and directed by Lance Hool.


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