Series about Jesus “The Chosen” will begin recording its second season in September

The Chosen is a series that deals with the life and work of Jesus Christ and one of its most exciting characteristics is that it tries to be faithful to the Bible in its script. In addition to this, The Chosen is a series that has been financially supported through donations. The series is also free, you just have to download the app on your mobile to see it.

Already the beginning of the second season has received the green light to start working on its production. It is estimated that work will begin in September and that this will be exploring the construction of the Master’s group of disciples, the growing adversities and the power of the Messiah as His ministry unfolds.

Dallas Jenkins, direct from the series The Chosen, said:

Between COVID-19 and the fact that we’re doing this outside the system, it has been a challenge to know exactly how and where we can produce season two for the fans. But those are also the reasons we feel such urgency to get the stories of Jesus to the world as soon as possible. Our fans’ generosity is allowing us to overcome these hurdles.

The first season has been a resounding success, being watched by almost 50 million people in 180 countries and translated into more than 50 languages. And the second season is expected to have the same or even greater success.

Producer Jenkins in an interview for The Christian Post expressed the following:

I think the style of the show is such that it doesn’t feel like it’s formal or staged, or emotionally distant. So I think people who aren’t even necessarily believers can still appreciate it because I think they’re interested to see stories about these people who lived 2,000 years ago. I don’t think you necessarily have to believe Jesus is the Son of God to actually still enjoy the show. However, we’re seeing so many people who watch the show, and then are compelled to find out more from the Gospels.

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