Movies about experiences in heaven on Netflix

As we have previously said, in the Netflix catalog we can find movies and series of all kinds, and more and more content is added that deals with our faith and belief in God.

So here are three Christian movies about heaven below:

1- 90 minutes in heaven

The production tells the story of Pastor Don Piper, who in 1989 had a serious car accident and died.

The paramedics came to help him, but he did not show vital signs and after an hour and a half he woke up and said he went to paradise.

2- Heaven is for real

This is the story of a boy who had a medical intervention and while in the coma he said that he had visions in heaven, similar to what other people say they had.

3-Miracles from heaven

A Christian family desperately struggles with the illness of their youngest daughter, who receives an incredible miracle after falling into a tree hole and being completely healed.

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