Churches can sing now, but outside

The issue of church and group singing is still a theme in some countries amid this current pandemic, as experts say that singing within a church is a means for COVID-19 to spread further through the particles of saliva.

There are states in which it was forbidden to sing inside the temples for what was previously expressed. But those rules have just softened, in what way? Well, the churches will be allowed to sing outside the temple and on that stage there should be no groups and these songs should be limited to professional singers and a small group of people.

What about the song and services within the temple? This has also just been softened, as a single person will be allowed to sing with the recommendation that it has to be done behind a plexiglass screen to protect the people gathered there.

The governments express that these laws and regulations are simply so that the virus does not spread anymore, but some brothers see it as an uprising by the governments against the church. What do you think?

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