Five Christian movies to watch on Netflix

In case you did not know, Netflix has a lot of Christian content, from series to movies, and this time we have selected for you five Christian movies that you can watch on Netflix.

1-God is not dead 2

This film is without a doubt incredible, since it tries to defend the existence of God at all costs. This production sends an excellent message in the middle of a world that is becoming more and more rampant.

2-Miracles from heaven

Miracles from Heaven is about a Christian couple who goes through various trials with their daughter who suffers from a terrible disease, but, as its title says, in the end they will see an incredible miracle from God.


This movie is based on real life events. This is a talented young man who plays football and plays on a high school team in the United States. The young man faces issues like racism, and must test his talent and faith.

4-I’m in love with a church girl

This production is about a drug trafficker who ends up falling in love with a Christian girl, which is why his life will take an incredible turn.

5-Man of faith

This film is based on the true story of Keylor Navas, a professional player for Real Madrid, a Costa Rican who gave everything for everything to become who he is today.

Five Christian Movies on Netflix 2022
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