Most popular Christian songs during the pandemic

Situations like the recent pandemic always have an effect on what people want to hear or read. For example, in a season like this there are always verses from the Bible that people tend to use more, because they feel that these verses inspire confidence and fill them with faith. In the same way, there are songs that at this time are heard more than usual.

Software called FaithLife has collected data from the start of the pandemic so far to determine which are the most popular Christian songs and lyrics that are sung inside in large and small churches. There were some 33 songs identified, but about five songs were chosen, which were the most listened to and sung:

It is Well With My Soul | Horatio Spafford

Great is Thy Faithfulness | Thomas Obadiah Chisholm

No Longer Slaves | Jonathan and Melissa Helser

Raise a Hallelujah | Jonathan and Melissa Helser

See a Victory | Chris Brown, Ben Fielding, Jason Ingram and Steven Furtick.

Despite the fact that the world is experiencing a lot of pain right now, the songs that people listen to the most have lyrics of hope and faith, which leads us to think that this pandemic, instead of diminishing the faith of many, is increasing it and making them seek more of the Lord.

It is a blessing to know that the Lord is working through music, but not just any music, but Christian music. Glory to God!

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