The passion of Christ 2 will be mind-blowing, says its writer

A second part of the incredible film “The Passion of the Christ” has been announced, which had many achievements in 2004, in short, this film was a worldwide success and not to mention the more than 600 million dollars it produced .

It’s been 15 years for director Mel Gibson to produce and direct a second sequel, which will be called “The Passion of the Christ: The Resurrection.” This will be delving into the mystery and phenomenon of the Lord’s resurrection and what Christ had to go through to return from death.

According to statements by Jim Caviziel, who will play the title role of Jesus of Nazareth, said that this sequel will go down in history as the greatest movie of all time.

The central theme of this movie, “The Resurrection”, will be very conflictive, since although they believe that Jesus Christ is a historical person, for many He was not resurrected nor was the son of God. But once again, through the big screen we christians can continue to strengthen our beliefs based on the Bible.

The writer said about the resurrection:

It’s literally the mind-blowing event that is beyond anything we can make sense or imagine. And yet the earliest Christians died saying ‘It happened, I believe it.’ Or even ‘I witnessed it.’ We continue to discuss it. We’re not ready to talk about it at all about what we’re planning to do.

We just have to wait what this movie will bring and let’s also hope that it sticks to the real story of the Bible.

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