Christian app launches first bible reader artificial intelligence

Recently a Christian app first released an audio version of the Bible, read entirely by an artificial intelligence voice. Precisely this week the creators of the application launched it, being the first reading of the complete Bible by artificial intelligence in the world, totaling more than one hundred hours of audible scriptures.

According to the creators of the application, they testified that at first they curiously had problems with the pronunciation of Psalm 23, something that even seemed comical to them, since the robot did not know how to pronounce the phrase “for the love of its name” correctly, rather, it insisted pronounced “by name is sake” and “sake” is a typical alcoholic beverage in Japan.

Finally the Soultime app mixed reading with music, which is why Justin Welby and the Archbishop of Canterbury said this is an amazing app and one that they recommend.

At the moment it is only in the English language. It will soon be developed in more languages, genres and accents. We leave you the download links of this app.

Download for Android

Download for iPhone/iPad

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