Jotta A spoke clear on gay pride day

After former Christian music singer Jotta A declared himself gay, many of his followers still held out hope that it was a misunderstanding. But the artist once again made his situation known on a day when many who were still in the closet come out of the closet, and it is Pride day.

Jotta declared the following words through her social networks:

Assuming to be an LGBTQI + person can be very risky, but I remember when I told my family and was embraced and loved in a way that I did not imagine … because we are always ready to face the greatest challenges. I know that many of you still cannot dialogue with your parents, perhaps not with friends and colleagues … I never doubted who I was, but for a long time I believed that I could be what people expected me to be. Happiness comes at a great price and you may lose fame, power, family, friends …. but in the end you understand that only what is of great value is expensive … happy day, love yourself, stay away from all negativity and LIVE!

Jotta a spoke clear on pride day

Through these words, Jotta A sends a message to those followers who have not yet decided to comment on their situation to their parents to be brave and be themselves, and remove all negativity.

In this way Jotta A once again demonstrates his new belief and ideology, making his convictions more than clear.

We recommend that those young people who are struggling with situations like these to deny themselves, to serve the only true God and stand firm on the rock, knowing that this fight against this sexual sin means that they want to live. for God and not for this world.

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