Shari Rigby “Overcomer” actress evangelizes women in Hollywood

Christian actress Shari Rigby is sharing biblical teachings in her new book “Consider the Lilies,” which was released during the recent pandemic. This book was written to help young people discover their purpose in that.

Rigby was chasing the dream of every actress: “Getting to Hollywood”. But God showed her a totally different plane of life. According to the actress, part of that plan of God included participating in the movie “Overcomer” and starting a ministry called “Women in my world”, which is responsible for guiding women who are involved in the entertainment industry.

The actress addresses in her book the topic of finding purpose in God, and says that this goal is very important for everyone, for believers and non-believers. She also says that this happens when we start our faith, that suddenly we hear certain basic words, such as: “Purpose”, “talent”, “gift”, “called”, and we begin to digest them as a Christian baby, and that even Christians mature today they find it difficult to understand these words.

Rigby began her ministry in pursuit of God’s purpose at the age of 25. Thereafter, the actress has always sought a sense of a Christian life in all aspects of life.

The actress stated:

“I really started to find clarity [about the purpose in God] when I came to Hollywood, because He called me to work with the women of that world of mine”.

Ultimately, the actress confirmed that God made it very clear to her: “You need to study this, you must understand who you are and who you belong to, and your purpose is me, as in your Lord and Savior.”

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