Series about Jesus “The Chosen” increases its downloads during quarantine

During this season of confinement not everything has been a disaster, but things worked for good for many and this is the case of the Christian series The Chosen, a series that deals with the life of Jesus, which consists of about eight chapters.

The Chosen is a series produced outside the world of Hollywood. Her first season was fully funded through donations and this makes it the all-time project to be funded in such an incredible way, as the donations went to over ten million dollars.

The thinker and writer of this series Dallas Jenkins explains the meaning of the series name:

“We see and use the term for Christ as the ‘Chosen One.’ So it refers to Christ in many ways. The Jews are God’s chosen people. Even as an evangelical, I believe that. And the people that Christ chose to follow Him and be in His team, as we like to say, it is a little nod to that.

Unlike other biblical series that go beyond the text to make fillers, The Chosen is different, as they try to keep the biblical spirit and not leave the text and this makes this series very interesting.

The producers of this series are now working on the second season. We leave you the links of The Chosen so that you can download it for free.

Download The Chosen para iPhone / iPad

Download The Chosen para Android

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