“You will overcome”: Woman leaves hospital singing a praise when she overcame the COVID-19

After recovering from this terrible disease, many people thank the Lord for allowing them to be healed, because it is a process that no one wants to go through. But the advantage of this is that many people can recognize the power of God and in the end give thanks as is the case with Ulda.

Ulda is 67 years old, a veteran of the group of prayers at a local church, and she celebrated this great victory by singing the hymn “Will overcome” from the Christian hymnbook used in Brazil.

After this woman was diagnosed with the coronavirus, she lasted about eleven days hospitalized. While she leaved the hospital, Ulda showed that she was completely healthy, you know how? Singing at the top of her lungs the hymn 372 of the hymnbook.

At the time of this lady leaving the hospital, a video was recorded, where she said while singing:

Whoever possesses Christ is firmly in Him. You will find the power of evil to fight. Because he will keep his promises. Who is in Christ will always win. You will win, you will win, by His blood you will win. You will win, you will win, you will always win. For Jesus who reigns, gives new strength. And the one who waits for him will always win ”

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