Find Christian series and movies on Univer Video

Today Christian productions have had a great growth, including many films, even reaching the position of secular films. It is good that we as Christians support our faith by watching movies and series that really build us, and more in the midst of so many toxic recordings.

There is a platform in Brazil called Univer Video, which is the largest Christian video platform in Brazil. They have just renewed their catalog with more than 45 evangelical productions that serve for the edification of the people of God.

The ten most viewed productions on this platform are:

  1. War room
  2. Corageous
  3. Fireproof
  4. God is not dead
  5. Miracles from heaven
  6. Letters to God
  7. I believe
  8. Faith Like Potatoes
  9. The encounter
  10. Catching faith

Like other video platforms, Univer gives you 30 free days so that you can try it out and watch movies that can help you strengthen your faith in God. Click here to try Univer Video.

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