Young Brazilian woman gains thousands of followers on TikTok with Bible studies

Can you be popular on TikTok by talking about Jesus and the Bible? Of course! This has just been demonstrated by the young Brazilian Brenda Matos (@mbrendamatos) who at the time of writing this article has more than 60 thousand followers on TikTok, an average of almost 9 thousand reproductions in her last five videos (her most recent video is reaching the 16 thousand reproductions) and more than half a million “likes”.

While many Christians demonize the use of social networks, others take full advantage of it to spread the powerful message of our Lord Jesus Christ. Brenda Matos, 21, a resident of Santa Catrina Brazil, shares spiritual reflections and biblical study advice to her followers:

The idea was born after Brenda heard Pastor Victor Bejota, a television presenter, talking about the influence of youth on social media. Brenda says:

I asked God to get me up to worship on Saturday morning. During the night, I woke up and couldn’t sleep anymore. Then I understood that He wanted to show me something, so I got up and prayed.

When I went to choose a service, the Bible app sent me a notification for daily reading. So I went to John 10:11, where it says that Jesus is the Good Shepherd who gives His life for the sheep.

After reading this verse, I was very moved and decided to record my first video talking about the Bible.

Her first video was published on April, and reached over 40,000 people. Hopefully, more people will continue to appear to be creating uplifting content for social media.

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