Drummer says he went to hell while in a coma for COVID-19 coronavirus

A musician named Will Carroll, member of the band Death Angel was hospitalized as a result of the Coronavirus. Will says that in that process he had a supernatural experience: “I went to hell and met satan.”

Will had very severe symptoms from the disease. His internment took place in March after having come from a tour in Europe.

He says that throughout his experience in hell satan would convert him into a monster, just like a Star War character and that whe would vomite blood until suffer a heart attack.

According to reports of the situation:

When he woke up on March 30 and there were “tubes going in and out of me, and there was a nurse there,” the drummer was slow to understand what was happening. “My first words were:” Am I still in hell?”

The drummer said that this experience in hell led him to reconsider with some things to change in his life, for example, he said that he would give up alcohol and cigarettes, and that he would only self-medicate with marijuana, which is legal in California.

The musician also added:

“I’m still going to listen to satanic metal, and I still love Deicide and bands like that.” “As for my personal life and my experience with what I went through, I don’t think Satan is as cool as he used to think.”

What do you think about this? Do you really think this man had an experience with hell?

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