Jotta A leaves Christian music

Only a few days ago there was talk of a strange publication in which Jotta A apparently declared himself homosexual. For many people this was still not very clear and could be a misunderstanding, for others, it was clear that the artist was “coming out of the closet”, but after this the artist continued to give obvious signs that may clear up doubts.

Jotta A wrote a few parting words through Instagram:

With this the artist makes it clear that he will not continue singing Christian music, in fact he has deleted all his publications on Instagram, including those where he appeared ministering in Christian activities.

He also made it clear that he would defend his personal concepts and it is incredible to see how the artist made it clear that this was like a dream for him. Jotta was only one of the many who has lived battling such carnal desires, the difference is that he decided to renounce the gospel and live for this world.

Artists are not gods, that their decisions do not affect us, but that we put our gaze on Christ Jesus who is the author and finisher of faith.

May faith never fail us, because even if your favorite artist or your favorite pastor fails, Jesus never fails.

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3 comments on “Jotta A leaves Christian music

  1. Jotta. You can still be a Christian and be homosexual. You are his child. He made you in his image and loves you. Those who judge live in sin. Be blessed!

  2. Even though it seems he has given up on God, God has not given up on him. Neither should we. Keep him in your prayers as he is surely being deceived by Satan. Jesus will prevail in the end. Love you Jotta……

  3. Beware of many impersonators.
    False people have been using the identity of popular artists, artists like our Jotta A, in social media such as instagram, twitter and especially facebook.

    I saw the posts inwhich it was written that Jotta A declared himself homosexual. I also saw the evidence above Which is said was posted by Jotta A on instagram. Though I couldn’t read it because it was written in Portuguese (I think so) and I don’t understand the language.
    If it is really true that the Jotta.A I know declared himself homosexual, if it wasn’t impersonators that posted fake posts on social media using Jotta.A’s identity. I will like to say something about it, but not against him ( I’m not trying to say that I’m in support for it).

    The devil is a tempter and he has been working night and day tempting Christians and I think Jotta A has experienced the same enticement from the allurer which is the devil.
    All these children of God like our Jotta A, which God has been using as an instrument for his ministry have been facing lot of trials and temptations from the devil. satan tempts them to take them away from Christ because he (satan) was once a worshiper of God in heaven, but he lost his place in heaven when he wanted to be like God. The devil knows that the glory he sought in the past is now given to Christ Jesus by God. God has also prepared a place called hell fire for the devil and after the devil realised that, he started tempting Christ followers because he wants them to make hell fire at last with him.

    Back to Jotta A, we all know that right from his childhood he has been ministering to God especially through his singing, and his ministrations including those he presented in Raul Gil program, has been blessings to multi millions of people across the whole world, both Christians and non Christians.
    The devil might have seen the gift and the Spirit of God in Jotta.A’s life, so he tries using the pleasures of this world to lure him out of Christ.

    So please my dear fellow brethren all over the world, do not despise or look down on people like our Jotta A. Instead of calling Jotta.A a gay, pray for him, encourage him in Christ Jesus, wishing him to make heaven at last and so to all other Christ believers who are also experiencing similar temptations from the devil.

    I pray that God will give us more grace to overcome all the temptations we face in this world, in Jesus name Amen.

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