Live broadcasts of Christian artists Are they fooling us?

Amidst the paralysis of most companies, businesses and institutions due to the pandemic that plagues us, the Church of Christ has made itself felt more on social networks with broadcasts of family cults, praises, preaching, etc, and we applaud everyone who at times like these is taking time to share the Word of the Lord through the internet.

Many Christian artists have performed concerts from their homes, and they have undoubtedly been tremendously successful, and we praise God for this beautiful gesture on their part.

But the question is, why are some of those Christian artists doing the broadcast as a dub? I explain. Some artists make their broadcast by playing their instruments themselves, which is fine. Others meet more musicians and play live and that is very good.

But we have noticed something worrying, and that is that some artists connect with some of their musicians, each one from their home, they put the original song to sound and do the dubbing as if they were really playing live. We know that due to the latency of the network and other topics, it would not be very good if each musician plays from home in a live broadcast, but doubling to make us believe they are playing is not to be applauded, rather it is to deceive the public.

God wants His children to be honest, not to deceive others in such an egregious way. It is not a criticism, rather a reflection to be honest with our brothers.

Paul said:

Now the end of the commandment is charity out of a pure heart, and of a good conscience, and of faith unfeigned:

1 Timothy 1:5

So, everything we do is done with sincerity and humility of heart, because God rewards that.

Everybody praise God who lives and reigns forever
Praise for God's blessings

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