We will praise You Lord, because Your statutes are upright and perfect

Straight are the ways of the Lord, wonderful to the one who obeys and practices it. God deserves all praise because He left us His teachings that lead us to the good path day after day.

The Lord deserves all adoration, because He is good and merciful, He helps us and sustains us every day. Whoever obeys the ways of God and walks straight before Him, their life will always be different because they are knowing the One who straightens our way. Let us glorify God for this wonderful fact because without Him we would be nothing.

In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Proverbs 3:6

Recognize the Lord with all your heart for His good works, because only He can straighten our ways. Let us praise His name, because His power is great and because His presence sustains us and helps us to be confident in Him.

God the Most High straightens the paths of everyone who recognizes Him. He will transform everything as soon as it crosses Him, everything will be so different because God transformed your trajectory. All these things will happen because you recognized Him.

Oh Lord, Your paths are perfect, Your straight paths, and Your mercy more than life, We thank You because You are a God who loves us and opens the way for us to walk in Your paths of light and blessings. We glorify you and we bless you and because you are a God who lives forever.

Let us not fail to recognize and praise Him for the wonderful works that He can do and those that He does every day before our eyes. May the name of God be exalted forever.

With my song I will praise the Lord
The benefit of Worship

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