I will praise You forever

Oh Lord my God, I will praise You forever, because You have been good to me, precious to me, You have been my refuge and my rock of salvation. In difficult times it is You who has sustained me.

We should praise you God and sing psalms to Your blessed and Holy Name, all Your work done with Your hands is perfect, who will hold the righteous, but Thy God, who looks at him from heaven? That is why we exalt You and bless You forever. To you the glory and honor, sovereign God You are on high.

I will praise thee for ever, because thou hast done it: and I will wait on thy name; for it is good before thy saints.

Psalm 52:9

Your love Lord is incomparable, it is sincere love, You pity Your children, Your mercies accompany us every day, sustain us and save us. Your infinite mercy fills us with peace and security, we walk in valleys of shadow of death and do not perish because Your light shines on us. Oh, God you are our guide.

God has wanted it that way for His children, that’s why we praise You with all my heart, after You there is no other God in whom we can fully trust, but only You God are our livelihood, to You we give glory for centuries of the centuries

That is why day by day we give thanks for Your Word that they are blessed and great blessing to our lives, they show us everything You want us to do, through them you give us hope and it fills us with light and peace, a peace that runs throughout our interior like a river of living water.

Praise God because He is worthy of being worshiped forever, exalt His glory forever and ever. Let us keep His Holy and blessed Word within our hearts, so He will keep us from things that will prevent us from continuing to exalt God.

Praise the Lord that His blessings surround you every day
I will praise God for His mercy

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