Praise and sing to God, for from Him comes our care

We must be more than grateful for His love, for His grace upon us, let us praise His name because even though we did not deserve it, He gave Himself to be crucified for us. Let us prostrate ourselves before Him and adore His holy and glorious Name that is above all names, that lives and that was dead and that now lives forever and ever.

His glory is over all, there is no one like God, He is the owner and maker of heaven. His wonders created for each of us, Oh how great is God. Let us give thanks for His mercies are new every day.

Let us praise God that our help comes from Him, the one who takes care of us does not sleep and every day frees us from the hands of the evil doer. God cares for us. Day by day let us sing for His glory, that our mouths and hearts may be pleasing in praise of God.

To You we give all honor, Prince of Peace. God of hosts, how good it is to announce Your power and Your wonders to each one of us, because Your powerful work makes us feel safe, that’s why we praise You and dedicate psalms of praise only to You.

You Creator of all things, we surrender to You by worshiping and blessing Your blessed and powerful name that lives and reigns on high.

Let my mouth be filled with thy praise and with thy honour all the day.

Psalm 71:8

May my mouth overflow with praise just as this psalm 71 tells me, this author at that time commanded his spirit to bless the Lord in everything, giving glory and praise with his mouth, but all the day that he proclaims His power and that His mouth be precious source to worship the glory of Almighty God. To Him we render all praise, honor and praise for ever and ever.

The glory of God will be manifested in us, and our mouths will sing praises
Praise the greatness of God, sing and exalt His majesty

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