Praise the greatness of God, sing and exalt His majesty

To whom do we owe everything we have, what we are, and everything that He has promised us? Is it not God? It is He who is in control of all things, let us bless His majesty, acknowledge His power over all things.

Who ascended into heaven and descended?

Is this not the King of kings and Lord of lords who can make all things possible? So let us praise His Holy and blessed Name, let us give a cry of praise only to Him.

Who locked the winds in His fists?

God great and strong, powerful King and owner of the greatest armies in the whole world and in the universe, because we are all His and creation. Let us bow down and recognize His glory and power because they are His.

Who has bound the waters in a garment?

He is the one who holds the seas in His hands, the rivers flow through His hands, from Him all flow. Let us praise our God for this wonderful fact, let us sing announcing that He is the only powerful King. To God be the glory, honor and praise for ever and ever. Amen.

Who has established all the ends of the earth?

The great Creator and good Lord. He was the perfect designer of this Creation. Sublime God. That He divided the waters from the waters, dried up where there were none, trees sprouted from where there were none, He made everything that moves in the sea, creating sea monsters and controlling them Himself. And should we not praise Him for these wonderful deeds?

Who is He?

He is the great I am, alpha and omega, the first and the last, there is no other like Him, nor will be there. He is great and powerful, His power cannot be compared to anyone else. Praise God, sing of His power forever, He lives. The eternity belongs to Him.

Praise and sing to God, for from Him comes our care
A song about Jesus

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