Sing with joy to God

When it comes to singing to God, let’s do it with our hearts and with joy and so we will imply that if we sing joyfully it is because we have a God who gives us peace and joy for each of us.

Sometimes there are processes that cause sadness in our hearts. That is why it is good that every day we try to be firm in the Lord, thinking only that we should sing to Him regardless of the problems.

Let us sing to the God of our salvation with our songs, with joy, because He is our God who lives and reigns forever.

Let us remember that salvation comes from our Lord who made heaven and earth, and to Him we must render all worship. Without God we are nothing.

Sing aloud unto God our strength: make a joyful noise unto the God of Jacob.

Psalm 81:1

Let us praise God for His goodness and His mercy, let us sing only to Him with joy, He is deserving of all glory and power. He has always raised us, freed us and His hands cover us. For that let us give the best praise to our great and strong God. The sovereign God deserves the bestĀ from us.

Thank you Lord because by Your word we can learn to worship You every day, because they teach us that only to You we should give glory, because You have been good to us. Without You we could not be what we are, oh God, You always help us and support us, in bad times there you are to help us, to help withstand all the trials. That’s why we praise you from the bottom.

Let us bless His Name forever, do not look at your failures and difficulties, just look at the Creator, praise Him and glorify His name, and ask Him to teach you to worship His name every day.

A song about Jesus
In the law of God I will rejoice, I will sing to Him for His wonders

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