In the law of God I will rejoice, I will sing to Him for His wonders

In the law of God we must be happy and bless His holy Name in every way, His statutes make us rest in His presence, in this way we know Him. In Him we know all the things we must do. Let us worship God above all wisdom, He is real and powerful.

He is our mighty God who gives wisdom, so we ask wisdom to continue singing and worshiping His holy name standing, only with His strength that sustains us day by day can we find His love and mercy that is big and powerful.

In the God of my statutes I will rejoice and only to Him I will worship with my heart, I will give praise only to Him, I will sing of His great works in us, works that man has never been able to do and will not do because the works of God surpass human understanding. God is powerful, we give praise and worship only to His Name, because with His power we receive strength.

I will delight myself in thy statutes: I will not forget thy word.

Psalm 119:16

These are the excellences of the law of God, making us understand that in the law of God we should enjoy ourselves, because His law is perfect in our walk, that teaching that comes from above, helping us to fight everything that is against His statutes. That is why we are faithful to God giving all praise for His perfect statutes.

Let’s follow His word closely, worship God and sing from the heart because His law and His work are good and perfect in our lives. Let’s meditate in His law day and night, and be good stewards of it, and the knowledge of God in our lives will be more than a blessing.

Sing with joy to God
The Good Shepherd's Song

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