My tongue will speak of Your praise all the day long

My tongue will speak of Your praise all day, that there is no lie in it, because all that my tongue will utter is praise to God.

With my tongue I will speak of the majestic justice of my God, of the only faithful and sovereign God, the One who strengthens us and helps us to continue. That our tongues do not speak of other things but of how good God is, that everything that comes out of it be for restoration and to give glory to our great and strong God.

Every day we must sing psalms to our God, wherever we are, who can announce that He is God, God deserves the best of all of His children and that is why all peoples and kings of the earth give glory, power, may the Majesty be only addressed to Him.

And my tongue shall speak of thy righteousness and of thy praise all the day long.

Psalm 35:28

Why not sing day after day of Your great love, that our tongues know how to give God the best of the best? May we be honest in all that we are going to say, may His justice be in our tongue so as not to utter vain words, because only by thinking about it we will be sinning against the Lord.

God is in heaven and sees us day after day, He has His eyes on the righteous and those who do not practice justice.

The tongue, which sometimes we cannot tame to do what the Bible says, can lead us to pronounce offensive words and that will lead us to the wrong path that is not pleasing to God.

So, as wise people in the Lord, let’s give God the best of our worship, turning our tongue away from all ungodliness and filthiness, because the Lord see the good things. Let us sing to Him, let us exalt God for ever and ever, Amen.

All humiliated before God, oh, peoples recognize His power. Sing to God.
Sing to God who rides upon the heavens, rejoice before Him

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