God of strength: New video by Thalles Roberto

Thalles Roberto is a Brazilian Christian singer known for his work in Christian music and for the events he has carried out. These events and his music have transformed not only in their home country, but have reached more countries in the world.

This new song has very encouraging words and we know that it is so, because the forces we have and that come day by day are sent by our God. The premiere of this song was on February 27, 2020.

Let’s see what they tell us part of the lyrics of this song:

He is the Almighty
God of strength …
And against him the enemy has no strength
The war belongs to the Lord
And the victory is guaranteed in him

So it was with Moses
With a strong arm, God freed
His people, there, at the hands of the pharaoh.

Thalles Roberto is known for the various styles of music he plays (Pop, Rock, Ballad), since this is what makes people more motivated to worship God.

Woman plays the song "O Come, All Ye Faithful " on organ
Now I sing because Christ lives in me, and I live because Christ lives in me

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