The Chosen, the new series about Jesus that is impacting everyone

Jesus is an impact issue for the world, for many a mockery, for others an interesting topic and for us the most important person who crossed this planet. The Chosen is not the first series about Jesus, there is also another available on Netflix entitled “Messiah”, which is about a supposed Jesus in modern times.

The Chosen is a series that deals with the life of Jesus, but what has most captivated many people is that the series also deepens the lives of those who followed Him.

It was also stated that this series is having relevance in the world, since not only is the Christian public watching it, but atheists and gnostics are also following the series. He also stressed that the non-Christian group is seeing it for the fact of feeling trapped in two thousand years ago with these scenes.

This series has the largest collective financing in history, since it needed some 16,000 investors to raise 11 million dollars.


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