“God is an invention of man,” says Brazilian singer Gilberto Gil

Gilberto Gil, a Brazilian singer, said clearly in an interview that God is an invention of man.

Gilberto Gil said in the interview that when he was younger, he participated in activities where they were taught about faith and thanking God for all the things he did, but he says that when he became more adult and was researching and knowing more and more of the culture, he says that it is pure religion and that he no longer gives thanks to God for what he does nor presents what he will do before God, nor ask for God’s protection because he only believes that this of God is an invention of man.

With this Gilberto Gil implies that there is no God and that this is his belief, after he opened himself to science and that he knew more about the world.

We would like to know your opinion about what this Brazilian singer says. Let us know through a comment.

Deus é brasileiro? Gilberto Gil faz reflexão sobre fé! | Papo de Segunda Verão

Gilberto Gil foi o convidado especial do 'Papo de Segunda Verão' de ontem ! Um dos assuntos debatidos foi a fé e espirtualidade das pessoas. O cantor relembra o passado e interpretações entre realidade e transcedência.#PapoDeSegundaVerão, toda segunda-feira, às 22h15.

Posted by GNT on Tuesday, February 18, 2020


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2 comments on ““God is an invention of man,” says Brazilian singer Gilberto Gil

  1. When man can invent a twig or a leaf from nothing or a rock from Oblivian I’ll believe him,😂😆😇I do apologise for my subtle hint of sarcasm but HONESTLY ..!!!⚜Am💫en⚜

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