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All that every human being does in his day to day, must be to place it in the hands of God, put all his projects before Him, because only God knows if everything will work out well in each project.

God is the only one who can see beyond what you imagine. God is big and powerful. Do not doubt God at any time.

In this article we want to introduce you to this athlete named Franco Armani, born in Casilda, Argentina. He is a soccer player, he has won several trophies and the most important thing is that he puts God ahead of everything.

On his Instagram account he posted a photo praying and left a comment that would help us to reflect on all the things we undertake every day. That is why we must put everything in the hands of God. Let’s see what this athlete said:

Before embarking on our new trip, I meet with the people who were always our guides.
We leave with the blessing of God and yours
@sosparatuvida thanks for so much

Franco Armani orando

This player says that before leaving for any place where the game will take place, the first thing he does is put everything in the hands of God and that is how we must act, first of all we must stand before God and present our projects to Him. If we do this we are saying that God is important in our lives.

With my mouth I direct my song to You Lord
Let's sing to God with our disability, let's sing to Him in our worst moments

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